Where is Jon?
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At the break of dawn, I stood quietly on the soon-to-be bustling Bourke Street in Melbourne. Armed and waiting with my camera, I was ready to capture and record moments of an average day on this busy main street. The photographer in me wanted to capture as much as I could see happening in the day between 6am through to 6pm.


As cliché as it may sound, we all know that photography is a way to freeze a moment in time. That moment, as normal and mundane as it can be; be it just being seated at a tram station, or a stranger crossing a road, or simply just standing still on the sidewalk, it all tells a story.


A story that will unfold in the times to come, to remind us of how we lived today. Just as how we love reminiscing through photos of our past, one day – I hope these captured moments will do the same for our children and the next generation.

These photographs depicted have minimal correction in terms of editing, and colour grading was applied with VSCO Cam. No events were altered to include or exclude in post production.