Where is Jon?

4th April 2017

This is 3rd edition; the 2017 edition of A Day in Bourke Street. I missed the deadline for March, but did the walk anyway in April.  Bourke Street in these 3 years has subtle changes. The corner of spencer street’s building was demolished this year for new development. Optus @ Bourke Street Mall completed renovation. While………. the corner of liverpool street; the apparent prime real estate has yet to be sold, nor rented out for businesses. Nice location tho.


Buskers in Bourke Street like always, delivers. They add to the whole entire Melbourne city vibe. The walk was uneventful, except that the lady in the bookstand shouted at me, saying I was rude for photographing her. Maybe I was, I can’t decide. Otherwise, people that I approach are pleasant. I’ve made some street portraits for a band that day, and they were lovely.


May I present you, A Day at Bourke Street, 2017 edition.


Here is how the day went.